What are fake women's health centers?

Fake women's health centers, also known as crisis pregnancy centers or CPCs, are anti-abortion counseling centers that often use deceptive advertising practices to lure in people facing unplanned pregnancies. These fake clinics are unlicensed and unregulated by the state and often give out false medical information and biased counseling under the guise of being a real healthcare provider. 

Right now, Connecticut residents are being lied to, deceived, and shamed by fake women's health centers when they are seeking legitimate medical care. 

No one should be shamed, lied to, or blocked from accessing medical care because of someone else's personal agenda.

It's time to hold CPCs accountable. 

Crisis pregnancy centers are an imminent threat to people seeking reproductive healthcare in Connecticut. Currently, there are about 25 CPCs and only 18 licensed family planning clinics in Connecticut. CPCs do not provide or refer for abortion care, emergency contraception, or birth control, but often try to falsely present themselves as comprehensive reproductive healthcare clinics. Once inside, people are often lied to, shamed, and pressured about their reproductive healthcare decisions.

This website will help you spot the signs of a CPC and direct you to where you can get real (licensed clinic) reproductive healthcare.


“When I was walking to the building there was a door open and the lady said, “Come in here” to me and my mom. She was on the phone and said “I have to call you back I have a patient coming in” and sat us down... She didn’t ask for my id or health insurance. She was saying I was sinning if I get an abortion and that I’m gonna regret it and if I get a surgical one I might not make it out alive. She said that someone had half a baby left inside her after... She had us sit down and talk with her like that was the real place... Then seeing all the stuff in the office scared me as well. A lot of the rooms were dark and there was a basket of little baby dolls on the floor... I was scared. We asked her where is the appointment for the abortions and she said there’s no abortion center here…”
— Shania*, patient intercepted by a CPC in Connecticut
I met a young woman in the Emergency Room for abdominal pain. Her pregnancy was visibly showing and her aunt was convinced she had a tumor. She revealed to me that she was hiding her pregnancy from her family and seeing a women’s center because she wanted a termination. She told me she had gone every few weeks for last few months, but was not given any instructions on how to have an abortion yet. Performing her ultrasound, I was able to determine her fetus was 25 weeks and 4 days, past the legal limit for abortion. I had to tell her that even though her desires had been realized months prior, now she had no choice in the matter because she had been misled. As I watched tears stream down her face, my heart broke that her life and dreams had not been valued.”
— - Emergency Room Physician

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