How You Can Tell if You’re at a CPC

Learn the Warning Signs

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What do CPCs Look Like?

  • CPCs often disguise themselves as reproductive health care clinics by locating near licensed abortion providers and using healthcare-related names and branding, such as “women’s health center,” or “pregnancy support center.”



  • Advertisements may say things like, “Pregnant? Scared? Need help?”


  • The name of the center may be religious in nature and reference phrases like “Pro-Life,” “Support Life,” or “Choose Life” or “Life Affirming Decisions”
  • The waiting room may have brochures that emphasize the risks or dangers of abortion or contraception. There may be tiny baby dolls or models of early fetus development.
“I didn’t know where I was going. We opened the door of the wrong building and this lady was standing there wearing scrubs and she kept saying, “We’re offering $50 and free ultrasounds.”.jpg

What will they tell you?

  • Sometimes CPC staff or volunteers identify themselves as “missionaries” or “abortion survivors”
  • They may use terms like “murder” and “killing” when talking about abortion
  • Common myths and scare tactics used at CPCs (if you are told any of these things you are most likely at a CPC):
  • Abortion is a dangerous procedure, even when performed early on in the pregnancy
    • Many pregnancies end in miscarriage so you should not bother having an abortion early on because it’s likely you will miscarry
    • Abortion often causes complications in getting pregnant later in life
    • Abortion leads to a disease called “Post-Abortion” Stress Syndrome” (no such disease is recognized by the DSM-V)
    • Abortion causes breast cancer
    • Emergency contraception causes an abortion
    • Contraception such as the birth control pill or condoms are ineffective or dangerous
Counseling on condom use given by a staff member of a CPC in Connecticut.

Counseling on condom use given by a staff member of a CPC in Connecticut.

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